1. Wash your wig once a month. Before washing use your fingers or brush and, gently remove tangles
  2. Use a gentle cleansing shampoo with cool water
  3. Wet your wig completely then add shampoo. Form a good lather. Run your fingers through your wig in a downward motion multiple times. Then rinse really good. Make sure and, remove all shampoo.
  4. After rinsing thoroughly.Place your curly wig inside of a T-shirt, roll it up and, squeeze the excess water out. Towel dry if your wig is straight or body wave
  5. Spray your wig lightly with a leave in moisturizing conditioner
  6. Brush wig downward with your Denman brush.Do not use a comb !! Place wig on a wig head and, let it air dry
  7. Once your wig dry completely. Spray lightly with an oil shine.
  8. Style and Go
  9. If you have a color treated wig deep condition her after every shampoo. With a moisturizing conditioner
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